Sweet and Sinful by Jodi Lynn Copeland



ISBN: 978-0-7582-2711-9

Reviewed by Willow



“Just Like Candy” 

Courtney Baxter has transformed herself into a bona fide sex diva. The man she has always been attracted to is back. Candy tells her Blaine has always had a thing for her. Though skeptical, Courtney is willing to use him for her pleasure. Blaine Daly has never shown signs of being anything more than a one night stand. 

Blaine is back from Iraq and surprised at the new Courtney. He was attracted to Courtney before he left but never told her. Now the lust has shifted into high gear. And the new Courtney will do well for a no strings attached kind of affair. Soon he’s not so sure no strings is what he wants any more. Especially when faced with the softer, more laid back Courtney. But can he convince her they should make it permanent?  

Someone is sending Courtney gifts that are turning out to be not so nice. And Blaine always seems to be there when something goes wrong. Until the video tape arrives. Someone is out to get her. Can Blaine keep her safe from her secret admirer?


“Hard Candy” 

Candy Masterson was completely shaken by her friend Courtney’s recent experience and has decided to tone herself down a bit. No more flirting, no more casual sex, no more taking risks. It is her intention to be a sophisticated, celibate woman. Now if only her mind and her body were thinking alike. 

Ty and Candy have been lovers in the past and Ty still wants them to be. He knows why she is on this track she’s on but he is sure he can change her mind. Ty’s not spying on Candy really…just checking out the stiff she’s dating. He’s doing it for her really. He’s there for her whatever she needs. And he hopes what she needs is him in her bed.  

Ty’s plan to change Candy’s mind takes hold. Candy starts to wonder why she is bothered by Ty dating when she never has been before now. But even with that, Candy decides a change would be good for her. She’s transferring to Florida. Now Ty really has to come to a decision (and his senses) about how he feels about Candy. 


Just Like Candy is definitely sweet and sinful. Courtney’s country roots are just the thing to snag and hang onto Blaine. And Blaine is more than willing to be held. Hard Candy just proves that hard candy is just as sweet and sinful as softer varieties and you are sometimes surprised with the layers that you find. Ty is so willing to do anything to make Candy happy and in the end, he proves it. Sweet and Sinful is a wonderful story duo by Jodi Lynn Copeland who has proven again that she can write a hot story. The sweet trickle of romance just makes it all the better. These are stories you’ll go back to for more.


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