Submission by Kimberly Zant

New Concepts Publishing

Contemporary Erotic, BDSM, Ménage Plus

ISBN: 978-1-60394-150-1

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Stephanie Bridges’ job as a bank teller has been compromised by her clever, adventurous son.  Luckily, she’s able to strike a bargain with the Thornes, her employers and the bank owners.  As a mother, she is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of her child if it means guaranteeing his future, and the added incentive that all criminal charges will be dropped.     

Unbeknownst to her, Stephanie is about to step off the precipice into an agreement that will change her life forever.   She discovers that nothing could have prepared her for her role as submissive to Gavin, Luke, Jared, Bret and Jesse.  

Submission is a stunningly mesmerizing story, luring you down a somewhat familiar path until uncertainty sets in to keep you reading.   It is an energetically erotic fantasy involving an older woman caught in a web of desperation and desire, surrounded by powerful younger men who redefine mastery, possession, and passion.  Kimberly Zant’s gift for exploring and revealing the sensually sinister avenues of the modern female psyche is unparalleled.  Her photographic writing style is artistically brilliant, yet she doesn’t neglect the emotional and mental aspects of the developing relationships between her characters.  The plot is constructed from the foundation of their motivations and expands into daily routine; a slice-of-life pragmatism that counters the fantasy side with large doses of realism.  And yes, in the end, our heroine does just fine all around without the unjust “scarlet woman” misnomer.  Say what you will, it works, and it’s effective in the narrative.   

I’m the first to admit that this author never fails to surprise me.  The best part about the surprise factor is her willingness to venture beyond the limits of the genre.  Submission is as perfectly executed as the gorgeously illustrated cover.  I plan to continue reading this author’s excellent work, and if you haven’t yet sampled her books, then I strongly suggest that you dive right into one of her collections.  Once you start, one story won’t satisfy your new fix.


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