Stay with Me by Ruby Duvall

Ellora’s Cave

Time-Travel, Historical Paranormal

ISBN: 9781419923241

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Disoriented from a Halloween night accident, Emma wakes up wearing a magical locket to find out she is in 14th century Scotland.  Due to her outlandish appearance, she’s labeled a fairy.  Lost and alone, she is intimidated by her hot-blooded rescuer, Iain, who takes her under his wing and into his home.  He is attracted to her, unsure of what to believe while struggling against his need to claim her.  Emma struggles with her desire for Iain as well as misgivings about revealing her origins.  The need to return to her former life complicates matters further. 

I was impressed by the time, care, and attention given to Stay with Me.  The historical detail is exquisite, delivered with clarity and precision until I was swept away to Iain’s cottage.  Every portion is magical and picturesque, lovingly painted, comprised of words and images adding to the mystical realism.  Emma, Iain and crew are lively, honest characters, bantering, laughing, and counseling until the bonds of love, friendship, and family are forged.  Conflict, custom and culture all succeeded in bringing me closer to the heart of the story where the narrative burns brighter with every turn.   Speaking of heat, Emma and Iain are like lightning rods together.  The sexual tension keeps the pages smoldering!  Intrigue and danger knock you on your toes even if the situation the heroine stumbles into at the climax is a bit tried and true. 

Stay with Me is a new direction for Ms. Duvall from the futuristic/fantasy/paranormal genre novels she’s done so well in the past.  Her talent shines in her splendid storytelling and superb character development.  The dialogue delves into the souls of Emma and Iain without sounding dated, vapid and saccharine.  The mixture of romance and eroticism works beautifully.  This is an outstanding historical paranormal romance readers should not pass up.


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