Spinner by Viola Grace

Terran Times



ISBN: 978-1-55487-346-3

Reviewed by Tanya



Dehlia is an empathic Spinner working for a Weavers Guild on a far away planet (from earth).  She feels that she is being respected and the yarns and creations are selling for a high price.  But she is surprised to wake up onboard a pirate ship, headed for a slave auction.  The last thing that she thought was that she was headed to a bridal shower.  She should have known that it was an earth custom and it was a trap.  But, she doesnít have time to worry about that when she figures out that she is not alone in her bunk.  She has woken up to a sexy elf passed out on her lap.  At least she thinks he is an elf. 

Taneus has traveled far and wide to find and free Dehlia.  She is to be his mate and he has waited in stasis for hundreds of years for her to be born and be ready for him.  Now all he has to do is figure out how to keep them both alive and get them out of the mess they are in.  What will Dehlia think when she realizes what he intends for the future? 

Spinner is one of the Terran Times stories by the well known Viola Grace.  I have to say when I finished this one all I could think was why was it so short.  I realize it is part of an overall series but I was hoping for more.  That being said I think Spinner was well plotted and find the idea of weaving spells into cloth an interesting and unique one.  And I canít help but smile at her sexy elf characters.  As usual, I look forward to more in this series and continue to hope for more lengthy options from Ms. Grace.


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