Snow White and the Seven Hunks by Kimberly Zant

New Concepts Publishing

Contemporary Erotic Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-60394-328-4

Reviewed by Patrice F.



When Nicole’s older sister Brandy embezzles the boss’s money they are given an ultimatum.  Either make up the amount in trade, or go to jail.  “Trade” turns out to be a porn film with seven gorgeous men so well endowed that warning signs should be posted everywhere.   

What could possibly go wrong?  The lighting would be dimmed so that no one would recognize them, and it wasn’t likely they would have to do all the “regular” porn stuff.  Right?    

If ever a story required hosing down, then Snow White and the Seven Hunks would be directly in line, good company for a few others I could name.  Thank goodness for e-books, I’d hate to see the ink run and ruin a breakthrough in the women’s genre.  Let’s face it; there has to be an audience.  We have now reached a point where the sex industry is being aimed at a female market, and women are not ashamed (or scared) to be a part of it.  I see this as progress, a new frontier in erotic romance as it were in much the same way M/M romance has made an impact. 

This lurid, electrifyingly carnal version of Snow White would be lynched by Disney for content and creative audacity.  Excellent.  I appreciated the daring, the inventiveness, of this story.  It was challenging to build a romance around a porno and make it stick.  I’m not certain what’s needed in researching a porn movie, but the author did very well in terminology and descriptions.   The visuals put me in the director’s chair, and this was no small feat.  Another terrific point is the women are older, and the men are younger with loads of sexual knowledge.  They all go open season on Nicole, and the action never stops once the cameras cease rolling.  I was dying to see how it all ended, and it was a very contemporary and pragmatic HEA finale.  Everyone (except for Brandy) is likeable, the characterizations are remarkable, and it was great fun determining which hunk was Happy, Bashful, etc.   

Snow White and the Seven Hunks is a winner that will lasso in new readers.  Once word of mouth spreads, I guarantee Ms. Zant will be drowning in more fans.


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