Shadows in the Fog by Dorris Jean

The Wild Rose Press


Reviewed by Chris




Having developed a crush on a man beneath her station, Amanda’s parents send her away to the Hot Springs Grand Hotel, a spa in the mountains, to cure her of her “nervous disorder.” Emma, her servant, accompanies her, and is responsible for making sure Miss Amanda attends her treatments and generally stays out of trouble. 

No one, especially Amanda, anticipates her falling in love with a mysterious man who dips water from the hot springs every morning. Materializing out of the fog like a shadow (hence the title), Iaon stops every day on his way to work at the railroad station. Amanda eventually works up the gumption to talk to him and love blooms. 

But, as most women of the era, Amanda’s life is not her own. Her father has other plans for his daughter. Whether Amanda is strong enough to thwart them or not remains to be seen. 

Shadows in the Fog is a very short but sweet romantic tale harkening back to the era of arranged marriages, women subservient to men’s whims, and clothing that needed servants to help one get in and out of. Amanda is a brash young woman but not so much so that she grates on your nerves. Iaon is a gentle soul who cannot believe his good luck in finding Amanda. This is a Romeo and Juliet tale bundled into a brief twenty pages like a Hershey Kiss. Take your time unwrapping and savoring it.


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