Sexy Games by April Ash

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419922978

Reviewed by Shayna



Working in the testing lab of Naughty Games, Stacy Newman dreams of owning her own lingerie shop.  But to do that, she first needs funds, and to get funds she needs to impress the Game Testing people with her idea for an erotic game.  When the offer to participate for a week in a game test for the company comes along, Stacy sees it as her chance.  What she doesn’t count on, however, is who her testing partner is. 

Though months have passed, Sloane Hoffman can’t get the woman he spent one passionate night with out of his mind.  Stacy was exactly the kind of woman he didn’t want – one who inspired thoughts of commitment.  So when they recover from their mutual shock of being partnered with one another, Sloane and Stacy agree to keep their week of sensual games “business only.”  But both find it’s hard to keep their minds on business when sexy games threaten to break down the barriers keeping the lovers apart. 

Love is no game, but sex sure can be in this naughty delight by April Ash.  Sexy Games is both tender and fun with characters who are sure to win you over.  Both Stacy and Sloane are incredibly likeable; the kind of people you would want to be friends with if they were real.  Due to this, it’s easy to become captivated by Sexy Games because you so want them to get their happily ever after with one another.  Miscommunications and misunderstandings threaten to tear them apart, but I won’t spoil the book by revealing what happens. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Sexy Games.  It was such an entertaining book to read and I hope against hope Ms. Ash considers writing a story for Stacy’s wild and wicked best friend, for Lorraine endeared herself to me every bit as much as Stacy and Sloane did.  Deliciously erotic!


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