Sex Drive by Susan Lyons

Wild Ride to Love, Book 1


Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-0-7582-3825-2

Reviewed by Amelia



Professor Theresa Fallon is on her way home to Vancouver from Sydney for her younger sisterís wedding. At the airport bookstore she offhandedly makes a snide comment about the fiction writing of one of Australiaís hottest bachelors, Damien Black, not knowing that heís standing right behind her.


On the plane Theresa finds herself seated next to a very handsome man. Although sheís sworn off men she knows that this man could make her question her decision.


Writer Damien Black is on his first book tour of the United States and Canada when he meets Theresa. He knows the academic woman is not a fan of his writing, but heís very attracted to her. With a little persuasion he convinces her that in-flight entertainment from Sydney to Hawaii can be great fun: if itís just the two of them participating.


But once the flight ends can these two opposites find them attracted to each other for life, or did they just experience a wonderful time joining the Mile-High Club?


Sex Drive introduces us to Susan Lyonís new series, Wild Ride to Love, and Iím thrilled to be in on the first leg of the trip. This series features four sisters, one of them about to be married and the other three on their way to Canada for the wedding.


Theresa and Damienís story is the perfect beginning for this wild trip. Told alternatively between first and third person it gives the readers a wonderful glimpse into the mind of both characters. I fell in love with the both of them: the academic Theresa who has been burned by love before and is determined not to let another man into her life; and the sexy Damien, who draws her into his world and wants to keep her there.


The spark between these two had me researching flights and wondering how quickly I could pack and be on a plane, hoping to find my own perfect seatmate.


Ms. Lyons writes books that spark and sizzle to ignite flames in her readers. Sex Drive is no different. She introduces new characters that left me panting for more. I canít wait to see how the series turns out.


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