Sense and Sensuality by Cara Hart

A Hot for Teacher Tale

Resplendence Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60735-031-6

Reviewed by Tanya



Eleanor is the quintessential quiet and reserved professor.  What people donít know is that beneath the exterior beats the heart of a siren.  What will happen if her friends get a bit of alcohol into her and take her to a bar that will let her live a little?

One thing they donít count on is Eddie Harrington, a fellow professor.  He is a bartender at the bar they go to and while he has a mask and his identity is hidden Eleanorís is not.  Eddie is intrigued by Eleanor and has kept his desire from her secret, due to their professional relationship.  What will happen when fate throws them together?   

Will they be able forge a future around their pasts and professions? 

Sense and Sensuality is the story of a mild manner professor who is a bit of a mouse getting the man of her dreams, literally.  I enjoyed Ms. Hartís writing and think she did a wonderful job in giving her characters realistic emotions and actions.  I like how the story does not have an immediate solution and the characters have to work for their happily ever after.  I enjoyed Sense and Sensuality and think I will look for more stories by Cara Hart.


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