Savage Pursuit by Michelle Marquis and Lindsey Bayer

Siren Warrior Chronicles, Book 5


Futuristic Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-60313-636-3

Reviewed by Patrice F.



While working in a village clinic, Dr. Harlan Theron is captured by criminals intent on using her skills to save one of their men.  The ruthless bandits assume that General Gavin Theron will never be able to track them down and retrieve his wife.  What they donít realize is that Gavin values Harlan above his own life and will stop at nothing to regain her, dead or alive. 

Gypsy is engaged on her first campaign in the hunt to retrieve her mother.  While on the hunt with her father, she is challenged at every turn and will put into practice everything she has learned thus far.  She will also gain a wealth of experience exceeding the first year of most cadets in training to become officers.   

Savage Pursuit picks up where Primal Fever stopped with the sudden disappearance of Harlan Theron.  The storyline shifts gears in taking Gypsy away from the competitive shelter of the academy by plunging her into volatile, hostile situations.  The double weight of her assignment is grim, forcing her prove her mettle to Gavin while pushing her inner boundaries.  Her reserves are drained, and just when I wondered if she would recover from everything thrown her way, Gypsy stepped up to the challenge and proved that she is not just Gavinís daughter but Harlanís, too. 

Both the setting and narrative reflect the dark brutality of what it means to be a soldier, and Iím grateful for the effective practicality in this off world setting.  Michelle Marquis and Lindsey Bayerís clean writing compliment the turbulent violent storyline filled with gray themes, while depicting the sordid black and white cruelty of poverty and desperation fueled by loss of humanity.  The wonderful contrast, the light in this somber story, is Gavinís unfailing devotion and love for Harlan to the point of desperation.  His and Gypsyís self-sacrifice teamed with Desmondís loyalty and pragmatism, bring power and purpose to each scene.  Harlanís steadfast courage and intelligence shine, forcing you to see her as a heroine, not a victim.  Her resolve and fortitude merely reinforced my admiration for this character.  This exquisite detail to character development in the Siren Warrior series is part of the foundation, especially in the direct manner in which each individual is reshaped by their experience.  

Savage Pursuit is a lavishly written novella brimming with adventure, action, suspense, and heart.  Readers with a delicate constitution, who are not familiar with this series, may have a difficult time due to the straightforward subject matter and vivid, often gory, scenes.  Razor sharp, sinisterly humorous at times, and insightful, this racy sci-fi thriller is meters ahead in the game.  The overall storyline is not bashful when it comes to displaying emotional and psychological intelligence through character interactions, verbal and non-verbal.  Ms. Marquis and Ms. Bayer are doing things their way by guiding this genre into a fresher direction, and creatively expanding beyond the more traditional aspects of womenís fiction.


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