Sand, Sun…Seduction! By Stephanie Bond, Leslie Kelly and Lori Wilde



ISBN: 978-0373837342

Reviewed by Jo



“Enticed” by Stephanie Bond 

Kimber Karlton is a busy attorney who is finally going to get away on her dream vacation with the man she now believes will become her husband.  But a client makes her late for her flight and that is just the beginning of her travel madness.  Her sister comes to the rescue and hires Finn Meyers, a rogue and handsome pilot, to get Kimber to her island get-a-way.  Finn knows just what type of tourist Kimber is and wants nothing more than to complete this job in all haste or does he? 

“Enticed” brings a laid-back pilot and a softhearted attorney together in paradise.  Kimber is trying to get to what she hopes is her future husband.  Finn is trying to help out a good client’s sister in his own way.  Kimber and Finn’s adventures on the way to the island will have you smiling and shaking your head as they discover just what love is.  “Enticed” is a lighthearted love story that is the perfect first story.


“Propositioned” by Leslie Kelly 

Liz Talbot ran away from the states after her divorce.  Now she tends bar and lives in the pleasure island of St. Lucia.  All is the way Liz wants it until a specter from her past shows up.  Jack Beaumont was Liz’s husband’s boss; he would have loved to get closer to Liz if she wouldn’t have been married.  Now Jack needs Liz for business and hopes that this time he can convince Liz that he wants her for more than just the past. When they’re combined past rocks the boat can Liz and Jack survive the waves? 

“Propositioned” shows that appearances can be deceiving.  Liz has believed that her ex’s boss had something to do with the reason her marriage fell apart.  Jack knows the truth about Liz’s ex but he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore than has been done.  Even while Jack is working on gaining Liz’s trust, I saw that his original reason was changing.  Liz and Jack find a loving trust that not even misinformation can destroy.  “Propositioned” shows that sometimes you can go back to find the love you missed.


“Fevered” by Lori Wilde 

Macy Gatwick is a journalist on the hunt for a gas wunderkind who disappeared suddenly from his company.  She is hunting for him in the jungles of Costa Rica and becomes unsure of herself for the first time once she does find him.  Armando Cutler lost his entire career because of a bad choice.  When his formula suddenly shows up with a rival company, Armando knows he was duped and goes to the jungle to think about his life.  Macy and Armando come together fast and when her secret comes out, will Macy lose all she has found with Armando? 

“Fevered” combines a hotshot reporter and a gun-shy scientist with the hot jungles of Costa Rica.  Macy is after an exposé that will jump her to the next rung of her career.  Armando is trying to get his life back together after believing the wrong person.  I could see that things might turn bad for Macy as she meets Armando.  When the truth came out and rebounded on her, I was impressed on how Macy decided to show Armando just what he meant to her.  “Fevered” will have you cheering on the couple past their hurtles to their forever.


Sand, Sun…Seduction! is three stories sent in various island paradises with couples who discover just what love can be.  I thought all three were fun loving and great for that summer afternoon getaway.  After all, who wouldn’t want to run away to an exotic island and find your forever love there?  Sand, Sun…Seduction! is that book you want to take with you on vacation or just to escape for awhile.


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