Running Wyld by Viola Grace

Sector Guard Series Book 2

Devine Destinies

Futuristic Sci-Fi, Shape-shifter

ISBN: 978-1-55487-335-7

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Agreha Wyldís cozy lifestyle comes to an end when telepath Dhemon Haaro Denler shows up on her doorstep to make her an offer she canít refuse.  The Sector Guard is in need of her talents and sheís just been recruited to save lives.  Whatís a shape-shifter girl to do when sheís stuck on a backwater planet?  Take the off-world plunge, of course!  Add her marriage of convenience to Haaro, along with the ins-and-outs of her new gig, and at first, it seems itís smooth space sailing. Yet when Aggieís attraction to her destined Dhemon husband kicks it, sheís forced to reevaluate the situation. 

Inventive new worlds, fascinating cultures, cool technology and awesome aliens are what Iíve come to associate with Viola Graceís Sector Guard, Champions, and Terran Times universe.  The good times keep rolling whenever I immerse myself into her books.  Running Wyld has all the humor, action, and creativity I associate with this series, although I couldnít put my finger on what was missing for me this go round.  Aggie is talented, feisty and frisky, Haaro, quite, um, Dhemonic, yet the sexual tension faltered on intensity.  Once they tumble into the sheets it seemed almost anticlimactic.  Iím more disappointed at myself than the author, whose work is always brilliant.  As a reader, I felt as if I had failed her on some level after finishing this latest installment.   Had I lost the spark?  I wanted to recapture the energy and excitement, and by the time my brain absorbed it all, it simply fizzled.  The Sector Guard series is tapered to fit into the mainstream area which could account for my adjustment.  All in all, Iíd like to find my way in reading more of this series.  As for the savvier crowd, Iím more than certain they will devour every page with enthusiasm.  Thereís a lot to come thatís been compressed into the narrative thatís sure to be revealed in the next segment.  Iíve no doubt that Ms. Grace will make it worth our while, by adding another generous sprinkling of cameos of characters from earlier stories and lots of unusual scenarios.


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