Royal’s Bride by Kat Martin


Sensual Historical

ISBN - 9780778326427

Reviewed by Nannette



Royal Dewar, duke of Bransford, promised his father as he lay on his death bed that he would marry Jocelyn Caulfield and bring the family’s estate back from ruins. Royal doesn’t want to marry, but he will, for his father’s sake. Jocelyn is wealthy and breathtakingly beautiful, except Royal is more attracted to Jocelyn’s cousin Lily Moran.  Royal tries to ignore his attraction to Lily, but once he tasted her lips, he cannot get enough. And now, with Lily helping to catch the man responsible for his father’s ruin, denying his feeling for her is even harder. Royal loves Lily, however with so much at stake, is love enough? 

Royal mistakenly thinking Lily is his bride-to-be, and Lily’s candid admission of her past and Royal’s reaction to it, are just two of the many wonderful moments in Royal’s Bride.  From fun to exciting and romantic to erotic, Royal’s Bride is a lovely historical novel with not one, but two heart-warming romances. Things seem a little unfair to Jocelyn at times, even if she is a brat, but watching Royal and Lily together is delightful. By the middle of the story I was as captivated by Jocelyn’s plight as Royal and Lily’s. I love how things work out for all of them. Royal’s Bride is a charming love story rich in tradition and full of angst.


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