Rough Stock by Cat Johnson

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-752-2

Reviewed by Tanya



April, Mason and Clay have been the three musketeers for a number of years.   The problem seems to be that sometime between their junior and senior year in high school April has turned into the girl of Mason and Clay’s dreams.  Suddenly they are all feeling things that they have been taught are not proper.  Can two friends love one woman without making her choose, and if she chooses what will happen to them all?  If she doesn’t choose, are the consequences something they can mentally live through?

April can’t and won’t choose and no matter how wrong it seems, she invites them both to her bed.  But what will happen after their senior year when Mason joins the Army, April goes to NYU and Clay pursues a rodeo career? 

Rough Stock shows that Cat Johnson can step outside of her comfort zone, of the hot military man romance and dabble in the life of cowboys and ménage.  I was pulled in from the start as the characters were as unsure of what to do as real people would be.  Ms. Johnson is known to have a little turmoil in her romances and this one was no different, though in Rough Stock we were able to see into the different life paths that the characters were pursuing and ultimately how they belonged together.  While I am still a huge fan of Ms. Johnson’s Task Force Zeta stories I thoroughly enjoyed Rough Stock and will definitely buy her next cowboy romance. 

Note: This title was previously published by a group purchased by Samhain.  It has been re-edited and has a super spicy epilogue added.


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