Riding on Instinct by Jaci Burton

The Wild Riders Series, Book 3

Berkley Heat


ISBN-10: 042522645X

ISBN-13: 978-0425226452

Reviewed by Indy



The child of a revered military man, Shadoe Grayson is excited about her first undercover assignment. Wanting to prove to herself but also subconsciously to her father she has what it takes to excel. Even if she doesnít have what he would consider required equipment. Partnering with the Wild Riders, an undercover band of operatives is just what she needs to obtain great experience as a field agent. Too bad her partner and lead Spencer King is just another chauvinistic pig that only has one purpose for women in his life. Shadoe is determined to use her wits, knowledge and expertise to close the case of a rogue DEA agent in spite of Spencerís lack of faith in her abilities.  

Spencer is a man who loves women, for the moment. A painful past and a loner existence make him less than ideal for any relationship. So why heís having any thoughts of Shadoe outside of carnal delights is something he has to work through while maintaining focus on their current assignment. An assignment that exposes both of them to feelings neither expected but neither can live without.  

DEA agents, undercover operatives, strippers and bad guys are just the right ingredients for pleasure, love and a little carnage.  Spencer King who we got an intimate glimpse of in the previous installment of The Wild Riders series takes center stage in this current novel. Riding on Instinct is an erotic story of two government agents, from different agencies, working to bring down one of their own. Spencer being a connoisseur of women doesnít have time for love and emotions. Which is why he finds himself all tied into knots over Shadoe, her beauty entices him but their shared past of hurt is what connects them on a deeper level. Like most men who never believed in love Spencer doesnít go down without a fight and as he works to keep her safe he also tries to keep his own emotions at bay.  

Jaci Burton has created another great installment to a series that Iíve come to love. The Wild Riders are all a bunch of good guys with an edge and itís always a pleasure to see how hard the manly fall when the right woman comes along. So if you love your good guy a little bad this is just the right story for you!


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