Rebel Queen by Mimi Riser

Adventures of Cassie Nova Series, Book 1

Amber Heat

Futuristic Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-60272-235-4

Reviewed by Patrice F.




Cat-human hybrid, Cassie Nova, was seduced and betrayed by Federation office, Jaxon Colby, the man who took her innocence left her in the backwater section of the galaxy.  She was captured and forced to submit to cruel training as a sex slave.  Cassie is a survivor; after escaping from her sadistic masters, she and her rag tag hybrid crew are challenging their oppressors. 

Non-Terrans are discriminated against, while hybrids have no rights whatsoever and are treated as objects by the Federation.  Cassie’s father was the leader of the Freedom Alliance rebels fighting for the rights of human-animal hybrids.  He and his supporters were annihilated by Jaxon’s betrayal.  Now it’s Cassie’s turn to make her former lover pay while continuing her father’s legacy to free the hybrids and aliens from the tyranny of the Terran Federation. 

Mimi Riser puts the F in “funny as heck” and the S in “sizzling sex” when it comes to her stories.  Rebel Queen is no exception, burning a hot streak across the pages from start to stop.  I appreciated the dazzling array of charming, fiery characters who were all loaded with enough sex tricks and gags to make a seasoned madam blush.  The only issue is it’s sometimes difficult to focus on one character at a time; they’re all just so colorful and amazing!  I got swept along in the energetic kaleidoscope until I was dizzy from the rush of reading this story.  If you’re thinking about jumping into the cockpit of Rebel Queen, strap yourself down because this author writes megawatt, warp speed space operas raging hotter than an exploding nova.  Kaboom!


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