Ralís Woman by Laurann Dohner

Elloraís Cave

Futuristic Fantasy

ISBN: 9781419924064

Reviewed by Lisa



A solitary walk in the woods turns into a nightmare of epic proportions for Ariel. She has been taken by the Anzons, an alien race searching the cosmos for females compatible with their species for breeding purposes.  As it turns out, Earth women arenít compatible so Ariel is being given to the Zorn, their slaves. 

The captured Zorn men greatly outnumber the captured Zorn women.  Therefore, the Anzons make them fight for the privilege of owning the newest slave, Ariel.  While the Zorn somewhat resemble humans, Ariel is still horrified by their barbaric behavior.  The slave Ral wins Ariel after a brutal fight amongst the Zorn men.  Ariel is still in shock over everything thatís happened to her when Ral and the rest of the Zorn do something radically dangerous.  All Ariel wants is to go home to her family and friends, but Ral has no intention of letting this fascinating human female go, ever. 

Ralís Woman is a unique story with primal passion and several inventive surprises.  The intense, sensual plotline in Ralís Woman reads as pure entertainment with Ral. a total alpha both hot and smart.  The only real road bump is Arielís rapid acceptance of her plight.  Sheís unhappy about not returning home at the beginning, but never has a real fit about being kidnapped from Earth which seems kind of unrealistic.  Having said that, Ralís Woman is a very sexy, highly absorbing page turner.


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