Playing Lycan Games by Anh Leod

The Wild Rose Press


Reviewed by Chris




Twice a year, once in August and once in October, Catee, a photographer, travels to a semi-local winery to snap photos to update the business’s brochure. For seven years now, she’s used the remainder of her working weekend to engage in sexual debauchery with a man whom she knows little more than his name. 

But this year Catee’s turning thirty. She’s looking for commitment and an end to the secrets. She’s pretty sure her mystery man isn’t married. But beyond that, who can say? She knows his body better than his mind. Speaking of which, his mind is always a little fuzzy on the details and his actions, more animalistic than human, particularly on their first night together after their months’ separation. But the sex is outstanding, his libido never flagging, and his mind always comes around. Up until her biological clock started ticking, she had little to complain about. 

Jem Valentine was once a superstar musician. But after being bitten by a female werewolf looking for a replacement mate, Jem hung up his career and retreated to the wilderness. Catee’s the only thing that makes him long for his human days, but is love and great sex enough to overcome the paranormal stumbling block? After all, he’s a werewolf and she’s human. 

My biggest beef? The cover model looks nothing like the rough-around-the-edges guy the author describes. So, ignore the tasteful but inappropriate for this story (though hurrah for a paranormal cover without a moon in the background) cover. After that, the writing style is a little rough getting used to. The plot is interesting, but given the story’s seventy-page length and the amount of it dedicated to sex (against a wall at the winery, in a motel, in a skiff, in a car at a drive thru), you learn little about the characters’ motivations. Without a lot of personal investment in our hero and our heroine, though the hero is definitely more intriguing than the heroine, this story at times can be a difficult read. That said, if you like to read about sex in various positions with a very light dusting of paranormal elements thrown in the mix, Playing Lycan Games will not disappoint.


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