Passion of the Wolf by Sable Grey

Breathless Press

Shape-shifter, Historical

ISBN: 978-1-926771-04-5

Reviewed by Patrice F.




Courageous, daring, and loyal, Cait readily sacrifices her freedom when Viking invaders seize her home.  Abandoned by her family, she fights her new husband, Biel Vard, determined to maintain her independence and identity.  To her surprise, her fierceness ignites Bielís passion for her.  It becomes more difficult for her to retain her anger and hostility towards him and the others.  As she starts to sort the lies from the truth, Cait begins to question everything, especially her feelings for Biel. 

Passion of the Wolf sucked me into the story after just reading two pages.  I had a difficult time tearing myself away.  Cait is fiery, strong-willed, lashing out and dealing justice to anyone she feels has wronged her.  I admired her fortitude against adversity.  Her stalwart spirit brings the heat to the story, raising the chemistry level with Biel.  Biel is so stoic and self-contained, and I found myself waiting to see how far Cait would drive him to the edge, and what he would do.  The results are somewhat surprising, adding a sexy, yet dark twist to the story.  Lastly, I can appreciate the psychological aspects that Ms. Grey explores in how Cait is affected by her familyís actions and how she eventually see them for who they really are, how she redefines her place in the world, and evolves beyond the limits she was forced into.  

This lusty, vibrant story is top-notch; definitely a winner all around for its intelligent, strong characters, smooth, direct writing, and dynamic, premise driven plot.  If you havenít read any of Ms. Greyís work before, Passion of the Wolf is an all-around pleaser, sure to inspire you to hunt down more of her books.


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