Obsidian Prey by Jayne Castle

Harmony Series, Book 6



ISBN: 978-0515146899

Reviewed by Tanya



Lyra Dorr is still getting over losing her heart and “once-in-a-lifetime” discovery to Cruz Sweetwater.  She should have known as with the Dorr family luck it was too good to be true when it looked like she would have everything she wanted out of life.  Now she is without the man who still lives in her fantasy, she is broke from suing to try and recover her find, and suffering from waking “daymares”.  All she would need now is for Cruz to come back into her life.  And yup he is back, but because he needs her talent to save members of his team.  Or is it? 

Cruz lost his heart to Lyra and everyone in his family knows it.  Now to just see if he can convince Lyra that it is true. 

Will Lyra be able to forgive Cruz or has his past deception ruined his chance for happiness.  More importantly will they both survive the sinister forces that are at work to make Lyra believe that she has gone insane?

Obsidian Prey is the latest novel set on Harmony, a far away world, from Ms. Castle.  I was wondering what she would do to keep the stories fresh when she ran out of Guild Bosses to write about, and am glad she has found just the way.  I love how the dust bunnies continue to also play a part of not only humor but protection to their “care givers”.  I found Obsidian Prey to be fast paced and interesting, with an added couple of “ambers” that can be worked on the highly psychically charged world.  I hope that Ms. Castle continues to write about this interesting, yet almost parallel, world to earth.  I was thoroughly entertained by Obsidian Prey and think you will be also.


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