Moon Madness by Mina Carter

Lyrical Press


ISBN: 978-0-9824170-3-4

Reviewed by Indy




A female wolf in hiding from her Alpha, Penny Stephens just wants to get through her Heat without causing too much damage or being forced to accept some unknown male wolf. Cade Steele’s appearance in the small town she’s found refuge in doesn’t bold well for her plans. Plans that go up in flames as Cade and Penny allow the call of her season and the moon to accept Cade in a way she never thought possible.  

Their union goes from sinfully delicious to something out of a horror movie when her alpha show’s up with revenge and more on his mind. Penny and Cade will need all their wits to get away from an alpha who leads by pain and willing to kill for what he wants.  

This is my first book from Lyrical Press and Mina Carter has ensured I sit up and take notice.  Moon Madness for its size was a fascinating read not only filled with heat, but action and retribution ensured I was engaged from start to finish. Penny was delightful, feisty but not to the point of annoyance and her immediate physical connection with Cade was exciting to explore. The fact that their connection turned into something deeper was icing on the cake because Cade and Penny were two characters definitely made for each other. Mina Carter wove a great tale and for those who love a little fur, I can’t help but believe you will enjoy this story as much as I have.


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