Mari's Men

Mariís Men by Stormy Glenn

Loverís of Alpha Squad, Book 1

Siren Publishing

Contemporary M/F/M Mťnage

ISBN: 1-60601-397-1

Reviewed by Lisa



Twins Cole and Bear Daniels are members of a special ops team code name Alpha Squad.  All the members of the team have special talents further enhanced by government scientists.  Cole and Bear can speak telepathically to each other, among other things. 

A high profile kidnapping introduces the twins to the woman of their dreams Ė Mari.  Luckily the feeling is mutual.  Mari settles in with Cole and Bear at the ranch they share with the rest of the squad.  As with all relationships, there are growing pains and moments of miscommunication to work through.  But, when Mari misinterprets something important, she leaves before confronting the men and changes their lives forever. 

Buckle up for the sensual threesome ride of your life in Mariís Men.  This is the first story in the Loverís of Alpha Squad, a successful series by talented author Stormy Glenn.  Mari, Cole, Bear and the many secondary characters are realistic, interesting and sexy, each in their own way.  It does seem like there is an abundance of well-written carnal moments but not enough of the rest of the storyline. There is a good mystery and undercurrents of suspense and heartache but it doesnít happen until very late in the story which is too bad.  I am a fan of this series and the characters will involve you in their lives as well as keep you wondering what happens next.  Mariís Men has so many carnal two and three-way encounters the pages will be steaming before the end arrives.


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