Magus Shift by Viola Grace

The Half-Blood Club, Book 1

eXtasy Books


ISBN: 978-1-55410-719-3

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Protected, trained, and hidden from the High Council by her hedge witch mother and warlock father, Isobel Marlin has been ďoutedĒ by circumstances beyond her control.  Because she is one of the most powerful mages ever born, Isobel is forced into a union by the Council.  Although James Sterling, a warlock of high standing from the prestigious Sterling Clan, was her actual choice for a mate, she has no desire to be handed over to him like an object.    

What she doesnít anticipate is that James has wanted her from the time she first started working at his company.  He is not taking no for an answer and will use every trick up his magical sleeve to claim his rebellious mage. 

There were times when I was a bit confused by the terminology and world structure for Magus Shift.  Perhaps because I didnít start off by reading The Warderís series.  In no respect did it detract from my enjoyment.  Nothing could when it comes to reading Viola Graceís work; certainly, this was no exception.  The themes of family, love, friendship, and loyalty continue to flow like heady wine throughout each series, and Magus Shift works just plain works for all the reasons Iíve grown drunk from sheer reading pleasure. 

No matter where, when, or how in the narrative, I always appreciate Ms. Graceís sense of humor as much as her characters.  She has a gift for making laughter work in a steamy hot scene, which is nothing to scoff at.  Isobel and James were fun, frisky characters brought to life by this authorís playful, well-defined writing.  The brief intro to Isobelís friends has ignited my interest, so you know where this is headed.  Itís no small feat for a writer to engage a reader to the point where they are immersed in more than one series by said author.  If that doesnít prove how talented she is, I donít know what else will convince you except reading one of her awesome stories for yourself.  So have at it.


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