Legal Briefs by Sahara Kelly

Sexplorations, Book 1

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419919503

Reviewed by Shayna



After two years of difficult divorce proceedings, Fenella Whitfield is finally free of her cheating ex-husband.  With a newfound sense of freedom, a new place to live, and, thanks to her attorney, a generous settlement, the elegant writer has everything going for her – except a love life.  Though Fenny claims to have no interest in romance, she can’t help but be drawn to her lawyer, Michael Shannon.  Fenny doesn’t think the sexy-as-sin Michael would be drawn to her that way, but she soon finds out how wrong she is.  With the future free and clear of the past, it’s time for Fenny engage in a little “Sexploration.”  

Sahara Kelly definitely knows how to play that pulse of attraction feeling to the hilt, and it shows in this first delightful installment of the Sexplorations series.  Legal Briefs is sensual, fresh, and fun, with characters that endeared themselves to me from the very first page.  For all her confidence and beauty, Fenny has a real woman’s uncertainty about attracting such a gorgeous man.  She’s also bright and witty, making her immensely likeable.  As for Michael…wow!  He definitely is the whole package, but Ms. Kelly never makes him a cardboard cutout of perfection.  Fenny and Michael are a lovely mixture of class and passionate earthiness, making Legal Briefs a fantastically sensual read. 

As the first of the Sexplorations sextet, Legal Briefs sets the tone for the series in terms of the other important component besides romance – friendship.  Legal Briefs introduces the heroines of the next two Sexplorations books, Fenny’s best friend Dee (the heroine of The Thing About Cowboys) and the pair’s new friend, Dini (My Fishnet Fetish).  The friendship between these women is every bit as important to the story as the romance, which is why I’ve come to love the Sexplorations books so dearly.  There’s genuine warmth and laughter to be found, in addition to the sparks that fly in Fenny and Michael’s romance.  I loved Legal Briefs and was delighted to find a new favorite author in Ms. Kelly.


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