Kidnapped and Spanked by an Alien by Nicole L. Pierce

Loose Id



Reviewed by Patrice F.




Natalia Ferguson is a beautiful actress who’s never been short on admirers.  For years, she’s deliberately perpetuated a bad girl façade while denying her need for love and commitment.  Her life swerves into a wild direction when a handsome stranger claiming to be an alien kidnaps her from her own party.  Crackpot or not, Raven Steed just might be the one to tame her.   Squashing her feelings, Natalia is determined to escape the insanity, while Raven has no intention of letting the one woman he’s waited for for so long get away.  With dangerous enemies tracking their every move, Natalia and Raven will need to decide if what they have together is worth saving and dying for. 

Initially, I wasn’t sure what my overall feelings were after reading Kidnapped and Spanked by an Alien.  For the most part, I liked it.  My expectations didn’t at all match the author’s vision.  That was the issue.   Ms. Pierce did a good job of writing this story.  The sex scenes are creative, kinky, and passionate.  Natalia and Raven are both high-spirited, perfectly matched.  Then there are the villains.   They were over the top, a bit passé, and not remotely complex or scary.  There’s loads of humor and fun immersed into the plot, so to be completely fair, I’m placing the bad guys under the subheading of “comic relief.”  With that said, I found nothing to complain about except that the dialogue fell a bit flat and sounded clichéd at times.  All and in all, this is a pleasant read, and the author’s excitement for the story and her characters shines through.  With the droll, cute title and loads of honey sweet romance added to the mix, I don’t believe readers will be at all disappointed by Ms. Pierce’s heartfelt efforts. 


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