Just a Taste of Me by Stormy Glenn

Wolf Creek Pack, Book 2

Siren Publishing

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 1-60601-445-5

Reviewed by Lisa




A night of hard, sweaty sex was what Alpha Quilliam Reece had on his mind as he checked out the women in the bar.  Why then did he keep coming back to the small blonde man there and why was he getting hard just looking at the guy?  Reece has never been interested in sex with men before. 

Fate has brought Reese a man as his mate which is something that will take some getting used to. At the same time, Keeley doesnít want to be claimed because itís a biological imperative; he wants to be claimed because of love. 

Also, Reece isnít quite sure how to introduce Keeley to his pack. Itís only been a few months since Reece became Alpha of the pack and telling them his mate is a man isnít going to help things.  It quickly becomes apparent that something sinister is going on within the pack as well.  Reece and Keeley need to figure out whatís wrong before danger becomes death. 

Just a Taste of Me burns up the pages in more ways than one!  Thereís a delicious mix of wicked fun, sizzling sensuality and a dark mystery to solve.  Carnal encounters with Reece and Keeley will have readers squirming in their seats at times.  I also enjoyed the D/s interplay that goes back and forth between them.  The dialogue moves the tale quickly, fun moments are noteworthy and the pacing is well done.  The only weak point to me is that the actual evil isnít very sinister after all.  The buildup and mystery are good but the bad guys arenít very scary, although the climax itself has some solid surprises. The characters are engaging and their relationship is compelling and very hot.  Iím eagerly looking forward to any and all tales from Wolf Creek in the future.  Just a Taste of Me will leave you wanting more, the sooner the better please!


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