Jessie’s Dirty Little Secret by Jade Twilight

Lyrical Press

Erotic Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-61650-003-0

Reviewed by Indy



Jessie knew early in life that one day she would have to answer the needs of Garin, an incubus who’d taken care of her family for generations. Instead of being scared, Jessie is excited about her future, and finally getting a chance to experience all the desires she’s held in check waiting for this exact moment. Garin and Jessie find that they are a great duo, her providing the energy Garin needs to survive while Jessie lives out some of her deepest, darkest desires. Jessie soon attracts the attention of a higher power and will have to make some hard decisions in the days to come if she wants to have her cake and eat it too.  

I have to admit to having a slight weakness for paranormal stories especially those filled to the brim with carnal escapades. Jessie’s Dirty Little Secret is a pretty salacious tale of one woman’s journey from physical innocence to living out some of her wildest sexual fantasies. Jade Twilight did a great job of keeping this novella, steamy and exciting but also adding a little comedy at times. This is definitely a story made for warm fall nights when you just want to something a little “dirty”.


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