JarDan, the King by C.J. Johnson

The Men of Anderas, Book 1

New Concepts Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60394-337-6

Reviewed by Lisa



Raised on a Missouri farm by her gruff and kind grandfather who had recently succumbed to cancer, Melodie Anne Smith has nothing left except her personal belongings and an old truck after the foreclosure went through.  As she leaves her home for good a storm kicks up, damages her truck, and the winds escalate so quickly Melodie fears for her life until an angel appears to save her. 

Commander of the ship Destiny, Prince of Falcon Tor, JarDan of the planet Anderas has delayed departure from Earthís orbit on a gut feeling for weeks.  His best friend and protector Beldon Dak as well as many of the crew are threatening to leave whether he agrees or not when Melodie is spotted, in danger.  The moment JarDan rescues the Earth woman he knows a peace and contentment beyond measure.  He knows that she is the woman meant solely for him. 

Anderas has been stricken with a virus for centuries.  Males of the planet are unable to father female babies.  Even though extreme measures were implemented long ago, scientists are still unable to reverse or cure the virus.  Earth is visited on a regular basis to take females back to Anderas.  Of course Melodie objects to being kidnapped.  It doesnít help matters when someone tries to kill Melodie within 24 hours of JarDan snatching her.  Itís going to take time for Melodie and JarDan to become a true couple with distrust, miscommunication, a jealous woman, and a villain to deal with, just to name a few problems.   JarDan is willing to do just about anything to make Melodie happy except take her home. 

Entertaining and inventive, The Men of Anderas: JarDan, the King allows both erotic encounters and tender moments to showcase the main characters.  Melodie is rightfully furious while JarDan is unbelievably patient and loving.  There are a few surprises, but for the most part everything follows on a nicely written predicable path.  JarDan, the King isnít original, however it is a fun adventure.  Plus, Dak is something of an enigma. I admit to being curious about his future!


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