In Passion and Blood by Stephani Hecht

The Drone Vampire Chronicles, Book 4

eXtasy Books

M/M Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-55487-361-6

Reviewed by Shayna



Since finding love with his mate Brenden, vampire Dante Toren has found the inner peace heís longed for ever since his release from a hellish paranormal prison.  But that peace comes with a price, as a new terror is never far from his mind Ė the fear of losing Brenden.  Ever since his young mate developed a weapon that has done wonders for their rebel Drone clan in the war against the Pure Born vampires, there has been a bounty on Brendenís head.  To make matters worse, the Pure Borns have now allied themselves with dark magics, specifically a coven of witches and warlocks so evil even the stoutest of heart fear them.  With the tide of the war threatening to turn against Danteís adopted Drone clan, the only chance of their survival, of Brendenís survival, lies in the hands of a secretive warlock Dante isnít sure he can trust. 

Love, whether it be between mates, family, or friends, is at the heart of this fantastic addition to Stephani Hechtís Drone Vampire Chronicles.  In Passion and Blood revisits one of my favorite couples, Dante and Brenden from Mad Blood.  Both heroes are as sexy and lovable as ever and it was a delight for me to get to revisit their relationship and seeing it strengthened by the obstacles they must face together.  However, Dante and Brenden arenít the sole focus of In Passion and Blood.  Ethan, the warlock half-brother of Danteís brother Rafe, is central to the tale.  Despite the less-than-stellar introduction he made in the previous Drone Vampire Chronicles book, I grew to like Ethan immensely in this story.  Ms. Hecht leaves In Passion and Blood with a cliffhanger for Ethan which, when combined with a few wonderfully blatant hints at who his romantic interest will be in the future, has put me on the edge of my seat waiting for his book. 

Readers familiar with Ms. Hechtís Drone Vampire Chronicles will no doubt love (as I did) revisiting most of their favorite characters once more.  For those unfamiliar with the series, Ms. Hecht provides enough information that new readers should be able to follow along.  However, I am sure anyone starting the series with In Passion and Blood will at least want to go back and see Dante and Brenden fall in love in Mad Blood, if not going back and starting at the beginning of the series with Blood Lust

In Passion and Blood was an utterly enchanting read I could not put down.  I loved it and cannot wait for the next installment of this addictive series!


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