I Dream of Jimmy by Fiona Jayde

Escape Series

Changeling Press

Paranormal Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-59596-401-4

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Hawaii is the perfect place for a wedding, provided the groom is not your ex-fiancť.  Amy doesnít want to ruin her best friendís happiness, even if sheís marrying a sleaze.  Things get interesting when a bronzed genie emerges from a bottle of lotion to offer her three wishes and a fantasy. 

Fiona Jayde has an amazing gift for words, scenery and narrative. Iíve read several of her stories featuring thrilling scenes with feisty, smart women and intense, Alpha men pulling out all the stops to tame and capture them.   I Dream of Jimmyís heroine, Amy, was quite different in that she had none of the attributes Iíve come to associate with female leads in Ms. Jaydeís stories.  Amy is, well, a bit of a doormat.   Sweetness and loyalty should not force a main character into the martyr mold.  I was sad for Amy.  Why?  There are a lot people like her out there.  The worst part is there is no magic to spirit them away.  Lastly, it was difficult to understand why the genie would hang around unless he wanted to rescue the cute doormat.  Amy is endearing and likeable while the genie pushed open the alluring envelope.  You wonít get any complaints out of me.  All in all, itís a pleasant, steamy little story.  Some of us still like to dream about hot genies saving all the kind-hearted Amys. 


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