Hot Under Pressure by Kathleen OíReilly

Harlequin Blaze #485


ISBN: 978-0373794898

Reviewed by Jo



Ashley Taylor is trying to get her dream off the ground.  That is she has opened up several boutiques and now travels to find unique clothes to stock in them.  One problem is that she really hates to fly.  This latest trip is no different, well until her seatmate shows up and he is hot.  Ashley just might have found something to get her mind off the sugar high child from hell and on to daydreams of the man sitting next to her. 

David McLean just wants out of Chicago even if it means flying in a crowded plane.  He has personal reasons for wanting to leave as soon as possible, but when he sits down next to a lady wearing bunny slippers Ė maybe his day has just had a turn for the better.  Small talk starts a tingle that he would love to scratch and when mechanical problems lead to an overnight stay in a hotel, those tingles become tremors.   

One night isnít enough, but with two busy professionals that live in different states, what can they do?  Ashley knows that she wants to see David again and the opening he gave her was enough to risk a phone call weeks after they separated.  That one night in the Chicago airport leads to flying encounters and deeper feelings.  But will Ashley and David be able to leave their pasts behind them so that their futures can fulfill the promises made in secret? 

Two divorcees working on their futures have a flying encounter in Hot Under Pressure.  Ashley has moved on with a new beginning after her divorce but still has pressures that sway her actions.  David isnít sure he even wants to confront his divorce or the reasons behind it until he meets a woman who gets courage from bunny slippers.  Ashley and David know pretty quickly that there is something between them but time and distance seem to get into the way.  Along with some other factors that I thought would totally tear them apart.  Watching as both come to terms with the weights holding them back, reminded me just how hard it can be to not only find love but to grab on and hold it together no matter what.  Ashley and David both help the other come to terms with issues that could have driven them apart but it isnít an easy road.  Hot Under Pressure shows that love the second time can be hotter and mean more.


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