Her Chosen Wolf by Renee Michaels

The Were Chronicles, book 1

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-659-4

Reviewed by Jo



Saffa is a special person, a multimorph from a rare bloodline. She can shift into many animals besides just a wolf and can pass that down to her pups.  In order to protect her, Saffa was sent to live in the city and away from the packs.  However her, absence has not let one power hungry pack forget her, and when Saffa goes home to the mountains, she is attacked and forced to battle to escape.  Saffa knows now she will have to chose her mate immediately and she knows just the wolf for her—now to convince him. 

Justice Ambervane was behind getting Saffa out of the area for her own safety, but he has visited her and had to force himself not to take her up on joining with her.  It has gotten harder each time and now she just tells him she is going to audition male wolves to select her mate.  Justice knows what Saffa really wants and so does he, but Justice has a secret that he feels makes it impossible for him to be Saffa's mate.  Circumstances bring them together and force Justice to make decisions that will effect them both forever.  Saffa doesn't know what's going to happen for sure, but she does know that Justice will be the father of her pups. 

When fate determines a set of mates, will Mother Nature deem otherwise? In Her Chosen Mate, Saffa knows she has to mate with Justice immediately to keep her safe from another wolf who is fighting dirty.  Justice has wanted Saffa since she became a woman, but he has a major reason for not allowing the mating between them.  When the danger to not only Saffa but to other women comes to light, I understand why Justice made the decisions he did.  I loved how Saffa used her inner feelings to know what needed to happen, even when she was overruling Justice's reasoning. The ending told me that we haven't heard the last of that power hungry and stupid pack. Her Chosen Mate shows that a strong male and an even stronger female can work miracles.


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