Loves Me, Loves Me Knot by Heidi Betts

Chicks With Sticks, Book 2

St. Martinís Press


ISBN: 978-0-312-94672-2

Reviewed by Jo



Jenna Langan has been putting her life back together since her divorce from Gage and thinks she is on the right path.  One of the things helping is her best friends and part of her weekly knitting group.  However two of her friends are also in relationships with friends of her ex.  That can be both good and bad, one night during a girls night together with the help of a few drinks, Jenna and her friends come up with a plan to get her pregnant from the only man she wants to have kids with Ė her ex Gage. 

Gage Marshall knows that he was the reason that his marriage to Jenna broke up.  Life after Jenna hasnít had that much excitement but Gage still believes that his job, as an undercover vice cop, is too dangerous for him to have kids.  The night the Jenna calls out of the blue to ask for help with a plumbing problem out at her auntís place, Gage thinks its weird but agrees to come over and see what he can do.   

A planned seduction designed over drinks is doomed for failure or is it? Gage falls under Jennaís seduction but when the morning light shines, he discovers what was truly behind this night of heavenly sex.  Jenna still wanted her child and she still wanted Gage to father it.  Now she thinks he will just let her go on her merry way, possibly pregnant by him?  Jenna has an awakening coming.  Gageís reasons are still there, but Jenna just might be working her way through them.  There is also the minor fact that just as Jenna and Gage seem to be finding their way again, their friends are falling apart.  Can Jenna and Gage find a way to get back on track of their happily ever after and just what does a skein of yarn have to do with it? 

A girlís night together leads to the seduction of a lifetime.  Loves Me, Loves Me Knot brings together a couple that never should have spilt in the first place.  Or that is what fate and one mischievous aunt believes.  Jenna had her entire world fall apart when Gage suddenly changed his ideas on a family.  Gage still believes that having a family with anyone would be a bad idea, but he didnít really intend for him and Jenna to divorce over it.  I laughed many times while following Jennaís madcap seduction of Gage and then her follow through to bring them back together again.  Even though there were a few times I wasnít sure if her plan would actually work, I had to give her credit for trying.  I did understand Gageís change of heart and the reasons behind it, but I did have to give Jenna my backing in this one.  I do think that I will be very suspicious if any family members offer me yarn that was handmade though.  Loves Me, Loves Me Knot is a fun love story that shows all great romances deserve its forever.


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