Heat Seeker by Lora Leigh

Elite Ops, Book 3

St. Martins Press

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-0-312-94581-7

Reviewed by Jo



Bailey Serborne should have had the life that everyone dreams of, but she turned her back on the lifestyle of the rich and famous and went to work for her country.  Then one man took everything she held dear from her and after that, even her lover was killed too soon.  Bailey has worked hard to be in a position to bring down the man who took it all away from her.  Even if it does mean having to go back into the life she left.  Now another man is trying to work his way into her plans and life.  Bailey isn’t sure she even likes him, but she knows he sure is one sexy and interesting man.  Why does he seem so familiar at times? 

John Vincent, like the others in his group, is a reborn man with a mission.  Right now that mission is putting him on the path that will lead John to the one woman he wants and cannot have.  His life is dangerous and not his own to control no matter what his emotions say.  John needs to stay dead to everyone but a very select few and unfortunately Bailey is not one of those few. 

Bailey agrees to work with John and his unit, so long as they are partners.  That is a hard thing with both wanting to protect the other.  Working their way through a maze of old friends who hid a killer was dangerous enough and the level rises when Bailey and John give in to their passion.  The heat between them became a bonfire as questions were answered and a lack of future was accepted – or was it?  Bailey thinks she knows just which family friend she and John are after, but when the final curtain is raised will they capture a killer and most importantly will Bailey and John lose the partnership that has become so real now. 

Can you really ever have a second chance?  Heat Seeker brings yet another member of the Elite Ops to the forefront of passion and danger.  John knows what his contract says and what he agreed to but sometimes you have to go with the heart.  Bailey just wants to finally take down the man who destroyed everyone she loved, no matter the risks.  I found that the tightrope John and Bailey were walking only got longer and harder while they tried to ignore a shared night of erotic passion long ago. To me, John and Bailey were partners in every sense of the word.  While I knew that Ms. Leigh would never allow them to totally separate, I was pleasantly surprised on just how John and Bailey gained their happy ending.  I laughed and shivered and still had to keep turning the pages to see what would happen next.  I wish we could have seen just a bit later when Bailey meets and talks with the other team members and their wives.  That is a meeting I want to witness.   Heat Seeker is erotic, dangerous, explosive and ultimately passionate – what else can anyone ask for? 


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