Heat of Passion by Elle Kennedy

Out of Uniform, Book 2

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60504-474-3

Reviewed by Shayna



With his best friend tying the knot, Navy SEAL Carson Scott is considering saying goodbye to his short-term fling ways.  When he meets an incredibly sexy brunette who rocks his world in an all-too-brief erotic encounter, Carson is left wanting more…and wanting her. 

Holly Lawson doesn’t have time for relationships.  She just broke up with a demanding ex, she wants to start her own restaurant, and her family members are constantly getting themselves into trouble.  A one-night stand is just what she needed.  Then said one-night stand shows up at a wedding she’s catering and Holly finds she can’t resist the attraction between them.  But where she wants a fling, Carson wants a relationship.  Holly’s about to learn just how determined one sexy SEAL can be. 

One thing’s for sure – Heat of Passion is hot, hot, HOT!  Elle Kennedy delivers a wonderful romance that’ll make you smile even as it makes you sweat. 

I first fell in love with Carson in the first Out of Uniform story, Heat of the Moment.  With his sensual, charming exterior and the caring soul that lies beneath, how can one not fall in love with Carson?  He is everything worth drooling over, so it’s easy to find why Holly found him impossible to resist.  As for the woman who catches the heart of said playboy?  Holly is a bright, loving soul who has been burned by a past relationship gone sour.  Her fears of giving all of herself in a full-fledged relationship are understandable, but I really enjoyed watching Carson try to break through to her. 

While Heat of Passion is the second book in the Out of Uniform series, each story fully stands on its own.  However, fans of Heat of the Moment will no doubt delight in seeing Carson’s best friend, Garrett, and his bride Shelby once more.  Heat of Passion also gives readers a little insight into Lieutenant Will Charleston whose story I am now aching for and I will be rushing to read his story, Heat of the Storm, very shortly. 

A passionate, engaging story that I could not put down, I cannot say enough good things about Heat of Passion or Ms. Kennedy’s work.  Bring on the next Out of Uniforms tale!


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