Hearts Afire: July by Keira Ramsay and Violet Summers

Liquid Silver Books

BDSM, Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59578-554-1

Reviewed by Shayna



“Into the Fire” by Keira Ramsay

When Nate Andrews left eight years ago to join the Air Force, Charly Davis was not only left behind with a broken heart, but also with rumors flying around her firehouse about her sexual preferences.  Now Nate has returned, determined to win Charly back.  To Charly’s dismay, he doesn’t hesitate to use reminders of restraints, blindfolds, and searing pleasure in order to do so.  But Charly and Nate might not have a chance to see where rekindling old flames will lead them, if a serial arsonist has anything to say about it. 

“Into the Fire” is hot with a capital “H.”  Keira Ramsay has delivered a mouth-watering erotic romance with an intriguing mystery as its backdrop.  Charly is a heroine who had my respect from the start.  She’s worked her way to the top to become an arson investigator, demanding respect from policemen and firemen alike.  I loved watching her learn that she could have her career and a relationship with Nate without seeming weak in front of her colleagues.  As for Nate, he’s one of the sexiest heroes I’ve read about in a long time.  Who could resist a sinfully handsome, incredibly intelligent firefighter?  Charly and Nate are a match made in romance heaven, both personally and professionally and I loved their story.  Simply fantastic! 


“Let it Burn” by Violet Summers

The people of Ludington tend to avoid Joanna Balentine.  Though beautiful and kind, the artist’s abilities as an empath are somewhat frightening to people.  When a fire destroys Ludington’s community center, firefighter Kevin Kryszenski has to inform Joanna of what happened.  What Kevin doesn’t count on is the attraction between himself and Joanna.  His past is marked by tragedy and her ability to see his pain makes him uncomfortable, but Kevin finds even that can’t make him pull away from Joanna.  But the couple’s newfound romance is threatened when more fires are started and the arsonist may have set his sights on Joanna. 

Passion, pleasure, and understanding all blend together beautifully in the sexy “Let it Burn.”  Kevin is a man haunted by his past; by the tragedy of losing people he loved to a fire.  He blames himself and it takes the understanding of one who can sense his pain to help him heal, and that person is Joanna.  She’s both strong and kind, making her the perfect match for Kevin.  I adored her and even as she and Kevin heated up the page I was eager to see lust become love. 

I can always count on the writing duo that is Violet Summers to deliver a wonderful story and they don’t disappoint with “Let it Burn.”  Deliciously entertaining! 


Hearts Afire: July delights with not one, but two deliciously sensual stories by incredibly talented authors.  With sexy heroes, strong heroines, and some seriously hot action in both “Into the Fire” and “Let it Burn,” I can safely say that I will definitely be returning to Hearts Afire: July for a re-read in the very near future.


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