Haunting Beauty by Erin Quinn

Haunting Series, Book 1

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 978-0425228173

Reviewed by Amelia



Danni Jones has long lived with the knowledge that her mother abandoned her at daycare when she was five years old. She’s grown up in foster homes and now works for one of her foster mothers in an antique shop. When she has a vivid dream about a violent event she’s flustered, especially when a gorgeous man shows up on her doorstep that very day.


Sean Ballagh knows that Danni holds the key to the violent episode that ended with death, and the disappearance of Danni, her mother and her brother. The trick will be convincing her to come home to Ireland and help to set things right.


When Danni figures out that Sean is not exactly who she thinks he is, she decides to send him away and stay where she’s at. But occult forces have other ideas, and the two soon find themselves twenty years in the past, wondering exactly what is happening.


Can they change the past and find happiness? Or will they both end up on the losing side of the battle?


When I read the blurb for Haunting Beauty I was truly intrigued. I love stories of the occult, and this one did not disappoint. It is hauntingly dark and had twists and turns that kept me on my toes. I fell in love with Sean, who was very passionate about his duty and his growing love for Danni. I enjoyed watching Danni uncover her past and come to terms with what happened then, with her family and herself. The two of them together were passionate and so obviously destined to be together that it tore at my heartstrings. I am now impatiently waiting for Haunting Warrior, the second book in the series to see what happens next.


If you enjoy dark, emotional stories that will keep you wondering about what is happening and what will happen next then Haunting Beauty is the tale for you. It is a complex novel that pulled at my emotions, and left me sighing with pleasure at the end.


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