Hallie’s Cats by Fran Lee

Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal M/F/M

ISBN: 9781419923289

Reviewed by Lisa



Decades pass as Gar and Cal protect the people of Rutledge from harm, from those who see humans as a food source.  A pack of Lykos have settled nearby, but Gar and Cal, leopard shape shifters, are stronger and able to defend the oblivious human population. 

Newly divorced and new to Rutledge, Hallie James doesn’t realize that Gar and Cal have saved her life on several occasions.  A small scare and a chance meeting set events in motion that in turn will shock and thrill the two shifters as well as a disbelieving Hallie.  Some things in life are taken for granted while others are appreciated for the gift they are. 

Hallie’s Cats heat up the pages in this steamy tale of love, lost and found.  An average thirty something woman sandwiched between two hot shifters makes Hallie’s Cats an entertaining, sensual treat.  An enjoyable, relatively simple storyline with heart pounding carnal moments brings Hallie’s Cats to life.


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