Gone With the Monster by Lila DuBois

Monsters in Hollywood, Book 3

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-670-9

Reviewed by Tanya



Runako is a monster, really.  He can assume a human form but his natural form is that of a strong winged “monster” and he does not trust humans at all.  Humans are the ones who tortured his sister and killed her.  So why is he attracted to Margo?  She is gorgeous, and doesn’t seem to be appreciated by human men.  So he decides to kidnap her and take her to his peoples’ Captive Cave, secluded in his homeland. 

Margo is stunned to find she has been kidnapped, and by the monster she has met that makes her blood sing.  Now, to see what Runako means to do with her.   

The two make an explosive pair and Margo might just be the thing he needs, especially when she figures out where his sister was held and killed.  Now they are united in not only physical adventures but taking care of images that haunt Runako. 

Gone With the Monster is the latest installment in the Monster in Hollywood series.  Margo finally gets to have her man, yeah! Also, we get to look into the home of the monsters as well as meet a few new characters, which has me hoping for more in this series.  I love how Ms. DuBois can pull the reader into wondering how much could really be possible.  I thoroughly enjoyed Gone With the Monster and think you will also.


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