Going Down by Vonna Harper



ISBN: (10) 0758222181 (13) 978-0758222183

Reviewed by Amelia



Bondage model Saree McKeon is the best in the business. The sessions she takes part in are controlled and planned out, and she always knows what’s going to happen. Until the day a stranger shows up, watches her work, and then invites her to dinner. 

Reeve Robinson is part of an organization known as The Clan. Right now they are seeking to out a group of men known as The Slavers, who take young women, turn them into slaves, and use them how they want. This involves abduction, and sometimes murder, and Reeve knows they need to be stopped. To do this he’s willing to kidnap Saree, and use her as bait to gain entrance with The Slavers by broadcasting their sessions over the Internet. 

Saree is frightened of the man who has taken charge of her. She’s not sure what to expect, and when she finds out his real mission, she’s still not exactly sure what will happen. Can the two of them work together to infiltrate The Slavers, and free the women they are holding against their wills? And can they do so without becoming bonded? 

Going Down is an intense novel that touched on different feelings while I was reading it. I loved Saree and Reeve, and understood their motivations. Watching them grow together was intense. There were parts of this novel that made me cringe, as they were meant to do. The scenes with The Slavers were extreme, and made me want to scream. 

Ms. Harper has done an excellent job of showing two sides of the BDSM world, one where the situations are consensual, and the other where people think they have rights over others. Her ability to split the two make this a powerful book that was at times not easy to read, but at the same time kept me turning pages to see what happened next. 

This book is not sugar-coated, and it is all the better for it. If you want to explore a suspenseful erotic novel that makes you think, Going Down is the one for you.


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