Going Down? by Tea Trelawny

Ellora’s Cave

ISBN: 9781419914409


Reviewed by Elysia



Fancy Mitzki made a promise when she got married that she would join 1000 couples before she took her eternal rest. Well, the powers that be made her stand by that vow, and for the last fifty years she has been a ghost in the elevator of her apartment building doing exactly that. It’s Valentine’s Day and she only has five more couples to join before she can be with her Hiram again. Will she be able to do it before the stroke of midnight? 

Going Down? by Tea Trelawny is listed and formatted as one story, but it is actually four in one. We get to see four couples discover each other and the magic that can bring love into their lives.  

Kelly Flynn is tired. Between school, two jobs, shoes that are killing her feet, and financial difficulties, she has about had it. And to top it off, the best tip she got tonight at the private party was a condom. How the hell is she supposed to make her rent with that?  The last thing she needs is Connor Latimer, reflexologist and the man she’s had the hots for ever since she saw him, joining her in the elevator and the two of them getting stuck. But Miss Fancy is determined to have her way. 

I have to say this story had me checking up on reflexology and seeing if there actually were the pressure points that Connor seemed to magically find for Kelly. I will definitely be urging hubby to look into it for me. We all need a man as talented as Connor is.  

Russell is a clutzy accountant and every time he talks with the sexy dance instructor, Devon, he gets more tongue tied and uncomfortable. He knows he needs to keep their relationship on a professional basis, but his body doesn’t listen to him when especially she offers to teach him the sexy Tango.  

I find dancing an incredibly sexy sport, and look forward to watching or reading about the reactions people have when in such close contact. When given a situation beyond his comfort zone, I like the way Russell takes charge and makes the dance his own.   

Pepper is a classical musician and Alex is a rock star, but despite their common  love of music, whenever they meet they are at odds. And it doesn’t help that Alex has made his disdain for classical music abundantly clear, for the whole world to see.  

This one was my favorite of the bunch. It had me smiling and giggling, and happy to see the two of them get together. Alex was sweet and lovable, totally not what I expected, and I adored him.   

Jake has been called to fix “Miss Fancy” the elevator countless times, and he never finds anything wrong with it. But almost every time it acts up, a new couple is helped along by the spirit of the elevator. Yet, despite the many times he’s seen the results of her magic, he’s never been the recipient of it. But if he could only get Sophia, the owner of the building, to see him as something more than a repairman it would all be worth it. But will all business Sophia be susceptible to the magic of her ancestor and St. Valentine’s Day? 

This story was expected and, actually looked forward to. They are the only two people that have a part in at least one of the other stories, and I was anticipating how Miss Fancy would get two obviously different people together.  

Altogether, this was a cute, fun and easy read. The way Ms. Trelawney presented each romance as a separate story, instead of jumping around had me a bit disappointed at first, but I found it more enjoyable that way. I was able to stop reading at the end of one “relationship” and go back, knowing I wasn’t going to be lost. Going Down? kept me entertained and smiling.


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