Goddess of the Sea by P.C. Cast

Goddess Summoning, Book 1

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 978-0-425-22688-9

Reviewed by Amelia



Home alone on her twenty-fifth birthday, Air Force Sgt. Christine Canady has a bit too much chicken and champagne. When she makes a birthday wish to have magic enter her life she has no idea how it will change things for her. 

Deploying to Iraq a few days later, the plane CC is on crashes, killing a man who switched seats with her. CC wakes up in the body of Undine, a mermaid and the daughter of Lir, God of the Sea. Undine is not enamored with the sea, and she is being relentlessly pursued by Sharpedon, a merman who doesnít know how to take no for an answer. 

To help her escape Sharpedon, the Goddess Gaea turns Undine into human form. She takes refuge at a monastery, where Sir Andras is visiting. The knight is intrigued by Undine, but Undine canít forget the merman Dylan, who helped her in her flight from Sharpedon. 

Dylan is son of a human and a water nymph, but that doesnít bother CC. Gaea has told her to search for true love, and she knows that Dylan is it. Unfortunately they have to battle several forces in the guides of Sharpeon and Sir Andras. Can the star-crossed lovers find happiness, or will the fates work against them? 

Goddess of the Sea is the first Goddess Summoning book and it gets the series off to a rousing start. I thoroughly enjoyed CC, whether she was in the guise of her Air Force persona or as the mermaid Undine. She is a strong woman who is not afraid to go after what she wants and bows to no one when they try to break her down. I love a strong female lead, and CC is just that. 

The love she shares with Dylan pulled at my heartstrings, and the ending of the book made me sigh and sob at the same time. Goddess of the Sea left me wanting more in the Goddess Summoning series. It is a rollicking romantic ride that is tender and sweet, and provides heat and love to warm the readerís heart. 

I look forward to the others books in the series, to see what Ms. Cast has in store for her readers.


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