Gargoyles in the Round by Viola Grace

Nexus Chronicles, Book 2

Devine Destinies


ISBN: 978-1-55487-366-1

Reviewed by Tanya



Finally Abby is not only learning how to use and contain her talent, but she is also getting a handle on swimming.  So, it is time to face the magic community, and the magic Summit is just around the corner.  She only wishes it wasn’t being combined with the trial of Miranda.  But at least it makes for a great road trip to the United States to attend the event.  It has to be a road trip as she is not going to put her gargoyles or gnomes in a cargo hold, just think of the havoc that they could wreak there. 

What Abby is not prepared for is the mixed reaction she gets when meeting the magic community.  Some are treating her as if she is royalty, but then there are a few that seem to be out to either imprison her—as past Nexus’s were—or control her. 

While Abby feels torn in many directions at the summit and trial, she does have Xander, her Oak Point Guard, and her creatures with her. So she forges ahead and you never known what might happen next with Abby. 

Gargoyles in the Round is a fantastic follow up to Gnomes of Suburbia.  I continue to enjoy my ventures into the mind of Ms. Grace and can hardly wait for what is next?  Pixies, maybe?  I find that this latest Nexus Chronicles only cemented my need to continue to follow Abby and her guard, not to mention her creatures.  I thoroughly enjoyed the spunky banter and thoughts of Abby, and how her new perspective shakes up the stodgy world of magic, that she has entered into, albeit a little bit reluctantly at first.  I loved Gargoyles in the Round and am waiting for the next installment. Is it out yet?


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