Fiery Ember by Celia Kyle

Resplendence Publishing


Reviewed by Tanya



Ember had always thought she would follow her father into the advertising business.  What she didnít count on was that she would be a secretary.  But she knows more than others think and, in fact, takes over an important client presentation when her step-sisters and step-mother do not show up for the meeting. 

Paul Ashe needs a new advertising campaign and is surprised to find that the Ellason Agency not only has the campaign that he needs but he is attracted to their CEO.  What he doesnít know is that it isnít the CEO who he met but Ember. 

What will happen when Paul learns the truth?  Will Ember keep her job after impersonating her step-mother?  Most importantly will Ember get her happily ever after? 

Fiery Ember is a modern day Cinderella story set in the fast paced advertising arena.  I found this update to the tale entertaining and easy to read.  This is an entirely different type of story by Ms. Kyle, than I have read before (Iím a fan of her Yeti series) but, I found it equally amusing.  If you want an updated look at a classic fairy tale than Fiery Ember is for you.


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