Fantasy Man by Summer Jordan

Lusty Ladies Series, Book 1



ISBN: 978-1-906328-57-3

Reviewed by Tanya



Monica finally has her dream house, though it needs a lot of work.  She has saved and found the setting that she likes and has made the big move just before Christmas.  When her friend Jules sends her a unique Christmas gift who is she to turn it down?  The gift comes from a group called Fantasies Unlimited and she is to receive a Fantasy Man to perform a menu of treats from massages, bubble baths to the ultimate in “main menu” courses (as long as you are not married, that is).  So when the sexiest man she has ever seen shows up on her porch looking like he stepped off the cover of Playgirl she knows who the guy must be.  While she is nervous she figures she would never get a chance with this man any other way so she lets her inhibitions go and plays along. 

Rick is stunned by how Monica is reacting to him and calling him Nick.  But when he figures out what is going on he decides to play along.  He has not been so attracted to a woman since his ended it with his cheating fiancé eight months ago.  When he realizes that he wants to see Monica again he knows he should correct her impression, but one thing leads to another and before he realizes it he is in rather deep.

What will happen when Monica realizes that her “Nick” is really Rick the handyman she hired to fix a couple of things around her house?  How will they both handle it when they realize it just might be more love than lust they are feeling? 

I love the concept of Fantasy Man, mistaken identity that leads to love.  Well, that and the fantasy man company as it is turn about in a way.  You hear about this type of thing for men all the time but never for women.  Fantasy Man was a fast paced erotic tale with just a hint of Christmas and I think all will find Ms. Jordan’s writings to be easy to read.  She can also write one steaming hot scene.  I look forward to the next book in the Lusty Ladies Series.


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