Devilish Dot by Jaid Black

Trek Mi’Quan Series

Ellora’s Cave

Futuristic-Sci Fi, Shape-shifter

ISBN: 9781419925498

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Dorothy “Dot” Araiza does a great job as a sex-toy maker.  It’s equally sad that she hasn’t gotten laid in ages.  Maybe that’s why she decides to take a trip out in the middle of nowhere to a bachelorette party during a violent storm.  She’s transported to a strange place and into the arms of a male so predatory, she hopes to survive the encounter in one piece.  Perhaps she should have been more specific when she asked to be swept away by her Alpha dream man? 

Dorothy “Dot” Araiza isn’t in Kansas anymore, for sure!  Instead she’s plummeted into the Trek Mi’Quan universe and everyone who’s read this series is dancing a jig for her!  Reading Jaid Black’s stories are like consuming my favorite dark chocolates—addictive!  Her heroines are always smart, lively and feisty, ready to square off with her massively proportioned, hunky heroes that swoop in on these lusty ladies for some toe-curling times.  An intriguing aspect is the women in these stories are usually well into their thirties, career-focused types. 

Devilish Dot's dialogue ripples with humor and loads of wit, surrounded by perfect dollops of spine-cracking sex and fast-paced action and suspense.  Conversational style narrative smoothly transitions to silent reading, although you’re forced to suppress your snickers if you’re enjoying this racy tale in a public setting.  Everything about this story pulses with fun, fun, and more frisky fun, from the raunchy descriptions--created by an author that knows her way around erotic romance--to tender, insightful moments of introspection.  Most fascinating is Ms. Black’s skill in evoking deep emotional connections between her characters with an intensity that resonates in all her work.  If you’ve yet to read this series, then you’re missing out on one of the best bodies of work produced by Ellora’s Cave publishing.


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