Demons Are Forever by Wynne Hayworth

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-665-5

Reviewed by Jo



Earth has changed in the time since it was exposed to gamma ray bursts from another planet.  Now creatures who only existed in myths and fairy tales are emerging due to recessive genes brought back to life.  

Detective Buck Shand is once again at a murder scene where it's taking all his strength not to hurl at what is left of the murder victim.  Once again, there are little to no clues and not even his mutation gift is helping out this investigation.  Right now Buck is ready for any break that will stop this serial killer.  He soon remembers that old saying—be careful what you wish for. 

Dr. Lian Herrick is also an Afterglow—what the mutants are called—a demon to be exact, but she keeps her specific type of form out of the public.  Lian has a specific reason for that.  However, when she is loaned to the cops for this investigation, there is no way to hide what Buck does to her girly parts.  

After research gives Buck and Lian knowledge of just what type of beast they are dealing with, Lian knows that she is the only one who can bring the killer out into the open.  Buck already cares too much to just agree to her plan, but has to give in when there is just no other way.  The trap is set and it's going to be up to Buck to keep Lian safe and sane as she lets her inner demon loose. 

What would you do if creatures you only read about were suddenly your neighbors? In Demons Are Forever, that is the new reality.  A burst from outer space has brought all sorts of genes out of hiding in humans.  Buck is not only an Afterglow himself but also a hardworking police detective.  Lian is a research doctor who specializes in the lesser known creatures who are appearing more often.  Lian and Buck have to work together to solve a ghastly serial killer investigation—one where nothing is as it seems, including the killer.  I was totally intrigued from the beginning on just what was hidden in humans.  When I discovered exactly what Lian was, I could see why she kept a tight reign on herself.  Demons Are Forever is erotic, funny and gruesome all at once, a page turner.  The ending was the perfect set up for the next story in this world, one I will be watching for. 


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