Deal with a Dhemon by Viola Grace

Champions of Terra, Book 2

eXtasy Books

Sci-Fi Futuristic

ISBN: 1-55410-732-6

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Samantha Vorning is a hunter turned galactic entertainer working at a space station brothel.  When her cover is blown, every killer-for-hire decides to launch an all-out assault to collect the bounty placed on her.  The Alliance backs her for years of service by finding a safe haven.  Sam is forced to start a new life on Dhema.  Her escort, General Kassil, is a handsome Dhemon male of status and honor.  He is also judgmental and overbearing.  Despite all the social and cultural challenges she faces, Samís fierce attraction to Kassil continues to grow until it reaches boiling point.     

Deal with a Dhemon carries Viola Graceís trademark humor and steamy romance, as well as a dazzling array of fascinating alien races that she might consider releasing in a compendium for her series. Sam and Kassil are combustible, setting sparks to each scene, igniting the plot wherever and whenever they chose to verbally and physically engage.   While their sexy, sassy antics tickled me, I noticed something very special, another quality Iíve come to associate with this authorís stories: she has a way of fine-tuning romance, using it as a springboard for the characters to dive off into inventive scenarios.  Lastly, the settings and yes, even the technology, come alive as solid devices to enhance the narrative, sometimes acting as props yet with the feel of supporting characters.  I believe many of the subtle nuances and textures Ms. Grace puts into her stories finally hit home for me after reading this story.  What can I say?  Deal with a Dhemon sealed the deal for me--again.  Hoorah for prolific, talented authors like Viola Grace with lots of goodies to keep you happy with each installment; you wonít catch me feeling blue if Iím stranded at the end of this story and waiting Ė  thereís plenty more to choose from!


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