Dare to Believe by Dana Marie Bell

The Gray Court Series, Book 1

Samhain Publishing

Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60504-632-7

Reviewed by Patrice F.




Ruby Halloway has it bad for the CEO of her company, Leo Dunne.  Real bad.  She does everything to avoid him until her best friend helps trip her up at the company masquerade party.  The evening ends with Ruby spending an amazing night in Leos bed.  From then on, things just keep getting weirder. 

Leo Dunne has known for quite some time that Ruby is his destined mate.  Now that he has her right where he wants her, hes not letting her out of his sight.  He insists that she go with him to his family home after he receives a call that his brother, Shane, is missing.   Besides, he can better protect the woman he loves if she is with him.  The only trouble is will she be able to accept the truth about who and what he is?  

When author Dana Marie Bell put together a spunky, adorable heroine (whos a wee bit insecure for good reason) with a tender-hearted, Alpha male (whos somewhat needy in his time of trouble), I was anticipating a storyline strictly revolving around their relationship.  Well, Ruby and Leo get their share of ups and downs, mainly from loads of outside craziness (and crazies).    Along with a cast of kick-butt characters (my personal favorite being A-Rogue-From-Literature-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless), I appreciated the idea behind the Gray Court; its fresh and filled with interesting potential.   

The sex is graphically described and racy, while the dialogue is mostly pink hearts and rose petals with a splash of spiciness thrown in. The overall appeal for me was the humor, which is sometimes snarky, other times wonderfully over the top, and mainly tongue-in-cheek.   No matter which direction the narrative turns, its sheer fun!   Of course, the lovely cover will wring sighs of longing (or envy) from readers, too.

Dare to Believe in love because this story is pure magic and romance at its sweetest. 


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