Cuff Me Lacy by Demi Alex

Handcuff and Lace Series

Resplendence Publishing

Contemporary, Erotic

ISBN: 42-201-302-425-1

Reviewed by Indy




Living in a small town means Chrissie Hansen needs to take her orgasms where she can get them. If that means settling for the quarterly sexcapades from the hometown celebrity, turned professional football player who seems to forget she exists when back in the public eye.  

Running into her childhood friend Patrick “Paddy” MacKlick turns her plans of no strings attached sex into fantasies of something more. Patrick is more than her childhood friend; he’s sexy, enticing and sending Chrissie into a heat even “The Bull” can’t compete with. Going from one dead end relationship to another isn’t what Chrissie has in mind but Patrick isn’t willing to take no for an answer and just maybe there’s a chance for close friends to become something more than just lovers. 

In a cute little tale of love, police officer style, Cuff Me Lacy is about two friends who meet up after years of being separated to find out they have a connection even time can’t diminish. Demi Alex has created a delightful story that is cute, light hearted and fun. From the police dog to more than meets they eye ex-lover Cuff Me Lacy offers a nice love story laced with sexual heat and two main characters that I connected to with ease.


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